Is it wrong that I read the last line in Tyler Oakley’s voice?
That is so true…

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Most definitely.
Is it weird that I read this in the tune of ‘talk dirty’?

DIY Roundup of 13 Altoids Tin Craft Tutorials.
Altoids Tin Clock from Design Sponge.
Altoids Tin Tiny Vampire Hunter Kit from craftster.
Memory Altoids Tin.
Zen Garden in an Altoids Tin from Design Sponge.
Mini Mouse Sleeping in an Altoids Tin from mmmcrafts.
Altoids Tin Survival Kit from Field & Stream.
Rock Paper Scissors - My Toolkit for Making Important Life Decisions: poster link and DIY
Pocket Size Altoids Tin Pool Table from Instructables.
Altoids Tin Beeswax Survival Candles from Teotwaki.
Even more Altoids Tin DIYs:
Paris Paper City from Made by Joel.
Miniature Play Kitchen from Made by Joel.

Altoids Tin Emergency Kit from Cup of Delight. 

Gliding Ballerina in a Tin Box from Zakka Life.

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